20 effective advises to prevent hair loss


Hair loss problem is a common problem at the present time. Many people lose their precious and favorite hair at a young age. Here are 20 effective tips to get rid of prevent hair loss: –

1. Try to eat less salt in food: Salt produces water in the scalp cells. If water accumulates in the cells of the scalp, the roots of the hair become soft and cause more hair to fall.

2. Many people suddenly give up eating and drinking to decrease their weight or fat. This sudden reduction in eating also a cause for hair loss. In this case, the advice of a nutritionist or dietitian should be taken immediately.


3. Green leafy vegetables are the mainstay of poor-middle class hair. Green leafy vegetables are very essential for hair. Try to eat plenty of iron-rich vegetables such as red spinach. Anyway, those who can afford it can drink grape juice (grapefruit cocktail), potatoes, cabbage, mixed salad, banana, chicken, eggs.


4. Eat varieties items of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin E such as pears, nuts, wheat, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, vegetables, eggs, olive oil, etc. These are good for hair.


5. You should eat protein-rich foods. Protein-rich foods not only strengthen hair but also help the hair grow. In the absence of protein, firstly hair color is lost. The hair can become reddish-brown. Later the hair falls out and the ends of the hair begin to crack. Lack of keratin causes hair breakage. It is very essential to have fish, meat, eggs, milk, pulses, yogurt, cheese, etc. on the food list.


6. Very Excess sugar and fatty foods such as ice cream, pastry cakes, salt, fast food, junk food, sugar, animal fat, butter, cream, high fat cheese, white bread, and flour, fried and processed foods, chocolate, and whole milk, carbonated drinks, etc must Avoid. You should not drink extra tea or coffee. Tea or coffee contains caffeine which is responsible for all kinds of hair and skin problems.

7. Omega-3 (3) fatty acids are very effective in curing hair loss. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Every day 2 teaspoons of linseed oil should be mixed with salad. Then Massage your hair for at least 10-15 minutes every night before going to bed to grow new hair. Massage with coconut or almond oil is also very beneficial. The oil does not help the hair to grow or nourish the hair. However, when massaged with oil, the scalp circulates blood and the hair is externally shiny and smooth.

8. You should avoid unnecessary rubbing in the hair. Many people comb their hair very often. That’s totally wrong. Too much hair combing causes the sebaceous glands to become active and the hair falls out. It is right not to comb the hair again. Hair also falls out due to the use of normal or low-quality combs or brushes and not combing the hair properly.


9. You should not use hot water, a dryer, or anything that creates extra pressure on the hair. Gel, mousse, hair dye damage the hair slowly. Do not wear helmets, hats, etc. for a long time. Don’t use a scarf if you don’t badly need it.


10. Many people lose their hair because they do not know about the proper care of their hair. There is a common idea that before going to bed at night if you sleep with a tight braid, your hair will grow longer quickly. This is a completely wrong idea. For this work, the hair falls out quickly. Never comb the wet hair. Rubbing the hair too much with a towel also damages the hair.

11. You should Never tie wet hair. Before going to sleep at night, comb your hair while sitting in the Vajrayana. This will stop hair loss and you will be able to sleep without stress.

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12. You need to drink 18-20 glasses of water in a day. Many people are not aware of this.

13. People who go out every day need to shampoo their hair every one or two days. Use shampoo according to your hair type. Don’t use the wrong shampoo by forgetting the quickness of the advertisement.


14. “Shampoo” comes from the Hindi word “champion”. It means massage. This means that you have to massage or rub your head while shampooing. Use antidandruff shampoo for dandruff. But long-term use of antidandruff shampoo makes the hair rough.

15. To get rid of dandruff, wash your hair and pour Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo or Dansel Shampoo on your hands and rub it with both hands and then apply it all over your head. Apply well by taking the time and wait for 5 minutes. Massage with the tip of the finger and apply shampoo. Then the hair should be washed very well. In this way, using it twice a week for 2-4 weeks will reduce dandruff.

16. Minoxidil is a drug available in the market to prevent hair loss. It can be applied where the hair is falling. It can be used by both men and women. If it does not work, you have to take other treatments. Other treatments include laser therapy LHT, hair follicle replacement, hair scalp replacement, etc.

17. Limit diet control can also cause hair loss. Get enough sleep and rest, like sleep and rest help new hair to grow and grow.


18.You should quit smoking. Smoking disrupts blood flow, damages blood vessels, and causes hair loss.

19. Exercising a little every day keeps the body fit as well since the blood supply. As a result, the hair is not deprived of nutrition.

20. Some personal factors such as hormonal differences, poor health, lack of rest, etc. can also damage the hair. Tension, mental anguish, insomnia. A balanced diet, proper hair care, and the use of certain medications if necessary can make hair healthier. So keep care of your hair and be happy with your own beauty.
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