Top 10 Life Insurance Company in USA


Life insurance is very essential if you have anyone in your life who depends on your income. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the right type of coverage or the right amount. About half of all U.S. households have less life insurance than they should, according to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association. Based on our calculations, here are the Top 10 Life Insurance Company in USA. You can learn more about each company in this article.

Name and Short Details of Top 10 Life Insurance Company in USA:


1. Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is the Best Life Insurance Company ranked by NerdWallet, 2020. The percentage of clients who stay with this company year over year is 96%. 4.5M+ numbers of people are proud to call clients, and who put their trust in Northwestern Mutual. $4.8B is the amount paid to this company policy owners. $6.2B is the amount in dividends Northwestern Mutual expects to pay their policy owners in 2021.


Northwestern Mutual Contact Number: 866-950-4644


2. Haven Life

Haven Life Insurance Company Ranked 2 in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020. With an overall score of 4.3, Haven Life was rated No. 2 on our rating of the Best Overall Life Insurance 2020. Co-founded by Yaron Ben-Zvi in 2014, the Haven Life website launched in May of the following year.


Haven Life Contact Number: 855-744-2836


3. State Farm

It was founded in 1922 as an auto insurance company and today operates as a mutual company with 83 million policies and accounts in effect. State Farm Ranked 3 in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020. Top 10 Life Insurance Company in USA  ranking of the Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020, State Farm comes in third place out of 16 with a score of 4.2.


State Farm Contact Number: 800-782-8332

4. Banner Life

Banner Life, a subsidiary of Legal & General America, offers two life insurance products-term and universal life insurance-with relatively few customization options. This may appeal to those who want to make the process of buying life insurance as simple as possible, but it means that Banner Life may not be the best choice for people looking for a customizable life insurance solution.

Banner Life Contact Number: 888-984-3393


5. Principal

Principal is an insurance company, founded in 1879, offering products including personal investment and retirement products as well as solutions for employers to provide benefits. Principal is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and operates globally through subsidiaries and partnerships. As of 2018, Principal has 19 million customers worldwide. Although its headquarters is located in Iowa, the company has branches in South America and Asia.


Principal Contact Number: 800-547-7754


6. Pacific Life

California’s Pacific Life Insurance Company joined the insurance industry in 1868. A few years later, the company moved from its home in Sacramento to San Francisco. Over the years, the company’s financial services portfolio has expanded to include accident insurance, annuity pensions, investment management subsidiaries called PIMCO, mutual funds, commercial real estate, and various investment products and retirement solutions.


Pacific Life Contact Number: 800-722-2333


7. Guardian Life

This New York-based mutual aid company was founded in 1860 and provides individuals with personal life insurance, investment management, disability and retirement plans, and other types of insurance. Guardian life insurance companies also provide insurance and benefits for businesses, such as 401(k) plans.


Guardian Life Contact Number: 09612-016622


8. Nationwide

Nationwide was founded in Ohio in 1925 and has grown into one of the world’s largest financial services companies. It provides a variety of services, including life insurance and other types of personal insurance. Today, the company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.


Nationwide Contact Number: +91 172 465 5664


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9. Primerica

Primerica Life Insurance Company calls itself “the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America.” The company was founded in 1977 as A.L. Williams & Associates, with the slogan “Purchase Period (Life Insurance) and Investment Differences”. The company’s services are designed to attract middle-class American families and are currently sold through a multi-layer marketing structure. Primerica’s other financial products include mutual funds, auto, and home insurance, prepaid legal aid, and investment in identity theft. protection.


Primerica Contact Number: 800-544-5445


10. MassMutual

MassMutual was founded in 1851 and is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. In addition to various life insurance policies, MassMutual also provides retirement planning, investment management services, and financial health expertise, such as real estate planning and college savings. Business owners can use MassMutual to manage commercial insurance and employee benefit packages, such as group life insurance and pensions.


MassMutual Contact Number: 800-272-2216.

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