Some misconceptions and their Solutions

Nowadays misconceptions are a very common problem in our society. Today we discuss 15 misconceptions and their Solutions.
1. Wrong: Back pain means kidney disease!
Correct: Kidney disease reduces urination, decreases appetite, nausea, swelling of the mouth!

2. Wrong: Frequently urination means diabetes!
Correct: If you have diabetes the first thought will be I ate so much but why I do not get energy? Besides weight loss, Asthma, take a lot of time to dry the wound!

3. Wrong: Neck pain means high pressure!
Correct: In many cases, no symptoms are found when the pressure increases! It is just feeling a little uncomfortable.

4. Mistake: Pain in the left side of the chest means heart disease!
Correct: Heart disease generally doesn’t cause chest pain, but the pain in the left or middle of the chest. Heart
problems usually feel like too much pressure in the middle of the chest. It seems as like someone is holding the middle of the chest tightly.

5. Mistake: Eating sweets causes diabetes.
Exact: Diabetes is a hormonal disease. When the pancreas does not work properly then diabetes occurs. So, eating sweets has nothing to do with this disease. But you have to avoid eating sweets when you fall into diabetes.

6. Mistake: Drinking too much water during pregnancy makes your foot water.
Correct: Eating less protein during pregnancy is good. Eating more carbohydrates can make your foot water. So you should eat more protein.

7. Mistake: If any baby has diarrhea during exclusive breastfeeding (water cannot be fed before 6 months) the baby’s needs are met as soon as the mother takes saline.
Exact: The baby needs also saline because the mother can’t fulfill the baby’s health demand.

8. Wrong: Teeth damage creates problems in the eyes and the brain, its misconceptions.
Correct: eyes and brain have nothing to do with a tooth extraction. Complete supply of the teeth and eyes head nerves are different.

9. Mistake: Masturbation reduces the brightness of the eyes!
Correct: If you do not take vitamin A food, the brightness of your eyes will be decreased.

10. Mistake: Playing sour/egg/milk dries the wound late.
Correct: Sour/egg white part/milk sores rapidly dry wound.

11. Wrong: Unusual behavior, vandalism, madness means to catch the ghost!
Exact: These can be acquired for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, hallucinations, etc.

12. Mistake: Child born with one eye, forehead eye like a tiger-striped spot is a sign of resurrection, the wreath of God.
Correct: Tigers are not born from human stomachs and the sign of resurrection or wrath does not come on babies. These all are genetic diseases or congenital diseases.

13. Mistake: Pregnant women eat iron, calcium for the baby’s growth. So, Gaini doctors prescribe these for the Caesarean section.
Correct: If pregnant women do not eat iron, calcium, neural tube defects in the fetus.

14. Wrong: If there any white discharge during pregnancy, the fluid decreases.
Exact: White discharge and amniotic fluid two are completely different things. One has nothing to do with the other.

15. Mistake: Not having children means infertile women.
Exact: Both females and males can be infertile because they may not have the structure in their body.
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